The Camster cairns are sited in relative isolation from the rest of Caithness from a landscape perspective.

Camster Round is located for a fairly flat terrace, while Camster longer occupies a ridge towards the NNW. The surrounding landscape is fairly enclosed, with greater ground on all sides, and limited views. None associated with the primary topographic options that come with the Caithness landscape are obviously seen from all of these web web web sites, with just the top of Spittal Hill visible from the northern forecourt of this cairn that is long. To your eastern associated with the cairns the little Camster Burn flows northwards up its slim valley, and it is noticeable from both internet sites. Nonetheless, somewhat towards the south regarding the cairns, however now blocked from view by a forestry that is modern, may be the confluence of several tiny tributaries which combine to make this burn. Interestingly, this confluence could be considered to be the foundation associated with Wick River, one of many two primary watercourses in Caithness.

The positioning associated with Camster cairns, as well as the proof for previous task, offers weight for this argument.

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When I mentioned previously, the cairns are situated in general isolation, with which has no artistic use of the areas of Caithness This is obviously an act that is deliberate the an element of the cairn builders, created maybe to manage and purchase perceptions associated with experienced globe. Had the builders selected to create their monuments in the terrace directly above also to the west regarding the real website the engagements aided by the landscape and natural elements might have been considerably various. Right right Here, Loch Camster is situated in a location of flat heather moorland, from where you will find considerable views on the north 1 / 2 of Caithness, with views of Warth Hill and Hoy to your north, Spittal Hill, Beinn Freiceadain and Ben Dorrery to your western, and eastwards to the Hill of Yarrows. The builders of the Camster cairns appear to have been relating to a very specific cosmological scheme that revolves around the significance of the Camster Burn by disregarding physical features in the landscape that are prominent in the vistas from many other chambered cairns in Caithness.

The finding of pre-cairn task dating into the earliest Neolithic in the ridge below Camster Long points to why the website had been selected for monumental construction, but, why did that one location attract task to start with? The ridge provides an area of elevated ground from where there are good views across the surrounding flat terrace, although there are several other glacial undulations in the vicinity that would have served this purpose equally well in practical terms. The ridge upon that the cairn is sited is nevertheless, the most readily useful spot into the landscape to look at the southern end associated with burn, together with confluence areas.

I would recommend that this confluence together with subsequent journey associated with the river through the landscape might have been seen as a medium that is symbolic which cosmologies and life rounds had been expressed.

water that flows using this source travels from the upland area, through the most fertile tracts of land in Caithness and also to the sea. You are able why these various environmental areas showcased into the regular motions for the nomadic communities, and had been exploited due to their resources that are natural. The location of Camster, in a upland area, consequently, alongside the interpretation of this burning that is pre-cairn flint working as proof of short-term settlement, (Masters 1997, Wickham-Jones 1997) shows so it may certainly were a spot for gatherings or periodic visits of these regular rounds (Edmonds 1999b). The big event of those gatherings stays a secret, but as Mark Edmonds (1999a) points down The need for water being a supply of fertility so that as a real estate agent of change wouldn’t normally have now been lost on individuals during the right time”. By selecting the ridge as a focus of activity and cairn building, consequently, the Neolithic populations might have been drawing on notions of purity and fertility often related to a river source, to make sure success when you look at the season that is coming.

The relationship between the Neolithic populations and the river is likely to have shifted from an emphasis on fertility to focus on regeneration and rebirth with the construction of the chambered cairns. When I discussed early in the day, the construction of chambered cairns is thought to possess been from the development of an ancestral whole. Positioning the cairns over the supply of the Camster Burn, consequently, the Neolithic populations seem to happen drawing regarding the cap cap cap ability of water to cleanse and transform the body (Richards 1996), make it possible for the change from specific to ancestor. I will suggest this just tentatively, given that proof for burial is restricted through the Camster cairns, but, i really do believe such functions might have been more symbolic than real.